Octopus ambassador program
Earn while you Learn to drive Web3 adoption.
Get involved
Octopus Ambassadors are community members who are excited about participating in Web3 adoption and sharing the opportunities that Octopus Network offers founders, developers, stakers, and users. There are several ways to become an Octopus Ambassador and be rewarded for your efforts.
Moderators drive adoption and help us maintain an informative, productive, active, and safe environment within our official social media channels.
You’re a well-known community member who is already actively engaged in one or more of our social media channels and recognized as a contributor in a positive and friendly manner.
Meetup organizers
Meetup Organizers drive adoption by hosting regular offline Octopus Network meetups in their local areas to connect with local blockchain enthusiasts and share our technology and opportunities.
You’ve hosted at least two Octopus Community meetups with a minimum of 10 attendees each within the last three months prior to applying and can provide valid URL links of your meetup group with proof of previously hosted events.
Content creators
Content creators promote interest by educating the community and the general public about the project through engaging, informative, and accurate content in the form of videos, blogs, graphic design, podcasts, or any other form of artistic creation.
Your written content is timely and both technically and grammatically correct. Audiovisual content is well-presented and of high quality in resolution, editing, and production. Graphic design work shows proficiency in execution. You can submit three pieces of previously published work with your application.
Translators drive adoption by expanding the Octopus Network project to international communities by translating and sharing content in different languages.
You are fluent in English as well as your native language and are able to translate a 1000+ word published article on Octopus Network to your native language and submit it with application.
Become an ambassador
Applications for the Ambassador Program are always open for all countries and all languages.