Build your own blockchain
Barnacle template, Octopus Network’s Appchain node template, is designed for Developers to quickly start their Octopus Network Appchain project.
Barnacle is a minimal working template based on the Substrate node template.
The appchain advantage
Appchains in the Octopus Network can scale their security with demand using LPoS (Leased Proof-of-Stake), decreasing both the time and capital required to launch.
Octopus Network Appchains are interoperable out-of-the-box with Ethereum, NEAR, and any Substrate IBC enabled blockchain, such as Polkadot and Cosmos.
The Octopus Network provides a complete infrastructure set for Appchains including RPC Gateway, Appchain Explorer, Appchain Indexer, and Appchain Archiver.
The Octopus Network acts as a meta-community for hatching Appchain-native communities within the Octous Network and NEAR Protocol Ecosystems.
Barnacle EVM
Octopus Network's Barnacle EVM is a Substrate-based EVM compatible development template based on Parity’s Frontier pallet which allows Web3 teams to deploy dApps written in Solidity as Appchains in the Octopus Network.
Substrate IBC
The Octopus Network’s Substrate IBC pallet allows Developers to create Substrate-based blockchains that interact in a trust-minimized way via the secure exchange of assets and data between ecosystems.
Appchain pipeline
Appchain registration in the Octopus Network is open.
Once registered, Appchain development proceeds through several stages in the Appchain Pipeline
• Audit • Voting • Booting
Appchains are then free to integrate with the immense NEAR DeFi Ecosystem in designing their token launch.
Appchain ecosystem
Explore the diverse use cases and industries represented by appchains in the Octopus Network!
Running Appchains
FusotaoFusotao Protocol is DEX infrastructure for building DEXs with trading privacy, minimal gas fees, and lower trading costs.
DiscovolDiscovol is a novel decentralized platform for distributing evidence-based, reliable content vetted by Curators.
AtochaAtocha Protocol is a protocol for creating and solving puzzles with Play & Create 2E opportunities.
MyriadMyriad is a decentralized social network to turn Web2 content into sovereign Web3 data on its app, messenger, and Metaverse
DeBioDeBio is a decentralized anonymous-first platform for medical and bioinformatics data specializing in genetics testing.
Appchain Candidates
Plats NetworkPlats Network is a community-owned Marketing Platform that provides both crypto and non-crypto clients tools to create and manage marketing campaigns.
HorizonlandHorizonland is a VR playground combining multiple esport games within one virtual universe.
PortalversePortalVerse is a decentralized cloud gaming network for open and highly immersive virtual worlds (MMOs).
YogainYogain is Web3 yoga app with GameFi and SocialFi built into its AI integrated user-friendly, interactive virtual yoga content.
Create ProtocolCreate Protocol is a multichain protocol on top of which multiple creator-focused dApps can be built.
AttariusAttarius Network is an easy-to-go platform for game developers and players, simplifying the creation of web3 games.
UniqueoneUniqueOne Network is a multichain NFT Marketplace and Metaverse offering B2B and B2C services via innnovative staking.
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