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Sheldon Dearr, Octopus Network Technical Lead, on sovereignty for appchains & individuals, at NEAR Miami Hacker House.
Louis Liu, Octopus Network Founder, reflects on the origin & mission of Octopus, why we chose NEAR, and more.
Aaron Ting, Octopus Network Head of Community, explains how we are different from our Substrate cousin, Polkadot.
Octopus Network Founder, Louis Liu, challenges hub minimalism while illustrating how DeFi on NEAR acts as a necessary financial district to power the innovation of non-financial Web3 digital economies.
Octopus Network Editor, Suzanne Leigh, discusses how appchains lead innovation for blockchain gaming by resolving the bottlenecks on security, scalability, customizability, and upgradeability.
ByBit takes a look at Octopus Network’s infrastructure, application-specific chains, and position and performance as compared to Cosmos.
Chaindebrief discusses the Octopus Network team and the advantages it has on NEAR protocol in its quest to solve the issue of blockchain interoperability.
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Vivi Lin, an award-winning TV personality, crypto influencer, and media advisor, is an Octopus Network partner. Her Web3 Demystified Youtube channel and Twitter Spaces Collection are dedicated to exploring all things Web3.
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