Substrate developer training
The Octopus Network is committed to spreading the Substrate tech stack around the globe. Learn Substrate and win grants.
Open 8-week course
Appchains based on the Substrate framework are the foundation of Octopus Network multi-chain construction.
Learn SubstrateGain a basic knowledge of Substrate and start to build.
CommunityJoin other enthusiastic Blockchain developers to create projects.
GrantsWin Mini-Hackathon rewards totaling $4kUSD in $OCT.
OpportunityUpgrade your skill set for a chance to join Octopus Network.
AcceleratorJoin the Accelerator program to continue your appchain journey.
Course overview
Week 1Introduction to Rust and the Substrate Architecture
Week 2-3Substrate Runtime Development
Week 4Practical Substrate Development - Proof of Existence
Week 5Introduction to Octopus Network
Week 6Introduction to Barnacle node template
Week 7-8Mini-Hackathon & Showcase Day
Prerequisite: Substrate is written Rust Programming Language. Familiarity with Rust is required. Course materials may differ in language depending on location.
Learn substrate
Applications for the Substrate Training Program are always open.
Ongoing global courses
The Octopus Network launched the first Substrate Developer Training courses in China several years ago which are now operated by Parity.
We are expanding our courses globally by collaborating with local partners with courses held in Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Nigeria, Mexico, and more to come!
Bring Substrate to your country
If you would like to see our Substrate Training Courses in your region, please reach out.