Octopus Network has been rebranded to

Omnity Network

Our cross-chain ecosystem

Trustless cross-chain interoperability sits at the core of the Octopus Network protocol stack.

The Octopus Relay, the network’s cross-chain hub, isn’t an independent layer1 blockchain but a set of smart contracts running on NEAR Protocol.

Strategic project on Near

NEAR Protocol is a sharded proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain with unlimited scalability allowing it to accommodate thousands more Web3 projects and assets than ETH layer1.

With the resources and support from the entire ecosystem, NEAR is rapidly emerging as one of the most important financial centers of the blockchain world.

Decentralized digital economies

The Octopus Relay provides interoperability with the NEAR mainchain and its massive DeFi Ecosystem. Octopus Network Appchains are also interoperable with Ethereum via the Rainbow Bridge and any IBC-enabled blockchains.

Appchains are decentralized digital economies — Their relationship with DeFi is like the relationship between the industrial economy and the financial system.

Octopus network overview

The core of the Octopus Network is the Octopus Relay — a set of smart contracts running on the NEAR blockchain, aka mainchain, that implements the security leasing market.

Discover appchains

Learn more about how appchains launch in the Octopus Network Ecosystem.

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